Friday, September 16, 2011

Henry Firearms...

This arrived in my e-mail this evening: a great tribute from Henry fire arms.  This is a beautiful example of Made in America; and the cause is universal.  Cancer has touched and devestated so many families.  Mr. Imperato is to be saluted for his latest efforts.  He is a rare man with a great appreciation not only for this country, but the traditions that have made our Nation great. 
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Auction of 50 Limited Edition Henry Rifles
Proceeds to Benefit the Roger Maris Cancer Center

Henry Golden Boy Law Enforcement Tribute Edition
rogermaris-xsm In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Roger Maris' record breaking homerun feat of hitting 61 homeruns in 1961, Henry Repeating Arms has manufactured a limited edition of 50 units of its' famous Henry Golden Boy rifle with Maris baseball theme embellishments. This special edition will be auctioned off at at the Treasures and Troves section, starting September 12th and ending October 1st (the date that Maris hit his 61st homerun). Proceeds will benefit the Roger Maris Cancer Center / Sanford Hospital in Fargo North Dakota.
The rifle has been engraved on both sides of the nickel plated receiver cover with a laser etch. On the left side of receiver within a baseball type stitched border is the slugger with his eyes aloft watching another homerun bound baseball. Included in the front panel are a copy of Roger Maris' signature and a banner in honor of his back to back Most Valuable Player seasons.

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Or contact Henry Repeating:
Anthony Imperato
President, Henry Repeating Arms
(201) 858-4400


Trying to keep up...

This is a new promo video from my publisher; featuring western short stories that are available in e-book format just about everywhere; and for only 99 cents.  These stories are throwbacks to the ten cent westerns that were so popular over the years (we have to take into account inflation nowadays), but they are a good buy for the money.   Quality writers telling good stories.

Also, please check out Pete Brandvold's blog, WRITING FOR THE BRAND.  He's been very kind in a review of my book, Jason Kilkenny's Gun.

Now, back to the business of writing.  Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Then Why Not Every Man?

The book is now out on Amazon; and available for Kindle.

I am in big trouble!  My little Jocelyn's name got left out of the Dedication, so will be scrambing to make that right VERY SOON.

This is a different form of fiction for me; not a western, but more centered around the midwest, where I grew up.  I'll be interested in seeing how it goes!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New All Western Anthology

This is the cover for the new All Western Anthology just recently put out by Western Fictioneers,
the Organization for Professional Authors of Western Novels and Short Stories; who are working very hard to keep the traditioinal western alive and out there.

The book is available in E-book format, as well as in print.  Please check out Amazon and other outlets for your copy.

My story is "The Redemption of Cade Beauchard", the saga of the teen-aged son of wanted outlaw.  Rescued from hanging by the lawman who is pursuing his father, Cade is given an offer he can't refuse.

This book is a remarkable read.

Check out the video below for the names of our authors!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cover - Then Why Not Every Man

As promised, here are some new covers; with much gratitude to Laura & Rebecca:

A Story of Triumph & Tragedy

This is the story of a young man called "Runaway", and his long struggle to achieve the dream of finding Freedom.  After a life of degradation and fear, with no memory of his own family, "Runaway" is finally on the long road North, to a Promised Land he has heard about in the slave songs sung by the field hands.

His biggest fear is that Freedom is nothing more than the dream of his lost people; that it doesn't really exist, and that the only Freedom he will ever acheive the final release found in death.

Welcome to the New Blog

It's always fun to start something new in the hope it is going to grow, and to generate some interest.  There is some NEWS!  Felize Navidad, a short story will be coming out quite soon, and the next full length book is also going to be out, too.  Then Why Not Every Man? is a Civil War saga; telling the story of a young man who has managed to escape the tragic circumstances of his life, and of his struggles to acheive freedom.  It is also the story of the tragic ghosts that haunt the man helping him find his way.  I will be posting the covers for both books very soon.

Please enjoy checking in to the site as we work out the kinks and learn about each other!  Suggestions are always welcome.